San Diego Massage

Are you in town? Looking around for a great San Diego massage therapist? Look no further… It’s time to visit “Betty Jean’s Comfort Zone”!

So many people come to San Diego looking for someone that can really provide them with a great full-body massage and if you’re reading this, you’ve found an excellent therapist.

I can say this because I’ve been in business for over 20 years and I get GREAT feedback from my clients… Every day.

Recently, a client “conned” her husband into coming in for a massage because he was being stubborn and swore he didn’t need one. Well, once he arrived and realized he was about to receive this loving gift, he accepted and allowed me to work on him.

When you haven’t been getting massages regularly, you tend to have loads of tension built up in your muscles and therefore it requires more effort to work that tension out of the body. This man TRULY NEEDED a massage! He was happy he came after that and he and his wife will be coming back from now on.

Many of my clients continue to come back after they have experienced a “real” massage. What do I mean by real massage… There are many San Diego massage therapist in this world but, not too many that has the strength to get deep into the muscle tissues and find the knots of stress build up. Once I find them, I get that area smoothed out. My technique of strong hands, warm oil, and stones will leave you feeling like a whole new person. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of the photos of the clients that get “knocked out” after a Betty Jean Massage! Lol!

You can rest assured that when you come to Betty Jean’s, you’re coming some place that is kept clean and sanitary. A place of peace and comfort. (I love my wind chimes and tranquil music) A place that you can totally relax and de-stress.

So if you’re looking for getting the best San Diego massage, call or text me to reserve an appointment.

Yaayyy!! Time for some needed pampering this Friday from the amazing Betty Jean! She's all ready to massage me and make me feel like a new woman! Ciao Bella!